Why Build an Outdoor Fireplace?

outdoor fireplace Everyone knows how great it is to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire.  The idea itself invokes images of cold winter days, snow falling outside, and you're wrapped up in a soft blanket on the couch with a fire blazing in the fireplace.  But what if we tweaked this image, just a bit, and put the fireplace outside?

An Outdoor Fireplace?

You may think this sounds crazy, but ask yourself this- do you like romantic dinners?  What about mood lighting?  Warming up after an off-season swim?  Do you want time to relax with friends and family in a warm and inviting outdoor entertainment setting?  An outdoor fireplace can add the finishing touch to any outdoor environment!  You have all the benefits of a toasty and romantic fire, with the safety and structure a fireplace can provide.

Making Memories

Do you remember nights by the campfire as a kid? Recreate those special memories in your own backyard.  It's the memories with the people we love that we treasure most, and making some with your family is made much easier with the addition of an outdoor fireplace.  No long treks to campsites, no raccoons in the marshmallows- make camping out in your backyard just as special as the real deal with real campfire tales, ghost stories, and s'mores!

But, This is Texas and It Gets HOT

Obviously, like anything else, there will be situational exceptions to your use of an outdoor fireplace.  For example, no one believes you're going to use when the temperature is 106 degrees.  That's just silly.  Likewise, if the weather is very wet or highly windy, the odds are you are probably going to stay inside.  The point, though, is that you have the choice!  Americans love to have plenty of choices, and here in this example, you have the choice of where to enjoy a lovely, cracklin' fire.  No, you may not use it all the time, but on a cool brisk night with a crackling fire and the scent of pinion in the air, you’ll be so glad that you have it!