What Do You Do With Your Pool After Labor Day?

Labor Day  


For most people, Labor Day marks the end of summer. However, in places like North Texas, summer can last well into fall and, in some lucky locales, summer can even be a year-long proposition for pool owners.  Follow our tips and you can make sure to extend the pleasure and relaxation that being in and around the water offers to you and your family long past the "Labor Day" expiration date.

Labor Day can be the start of a new season for pool owners!  From festive get-togethers to swim breaks in crisp and refreshing solitude, there are a whole host of activities that can keep your pool open and bustling through the colder side of the year.  How do you accommodate this new swim season?

Consider Some Post-Labor Day Practical Features

Turn On The Heat

It used to cost tons of money to have a heated pool.  Nowadays, you can find affordable, quality heating equipment for your pool that is energy efficient.  With an economical and energy-efficient heater, your pool can stay invitingly warm while the air around you cools.

Light It Up

From fairy lights on a fence or hidden in landscaping to more extensive built-in lighting, changing or adding a new lighting scheme to your pool area can make a huge difference.  It can be simple, cheap, and fast, and when completed, you will have turned your pool and spa into an evening or early morning invitation for relaxation and refreshment.

Think Solar

A solar blanket is a specialized cover that is draped across the surface of your pool in order to help trap the warmth of the sun, and transfer that heat to your pool water.  It's a simple way to take advantage of one resource we don't have any shortage of in North Texas- the Sun!  You can find solar blankets online or at your local home improvement store.  If you're thinking of more extensive renovations, consult an APSP professional for ideas on solar and thermodynamic systems to keep your pool at an even temperature year-round, economically and efficiently.

Create New Traditions with Post-Labor Day Poolside Shindigs

Tailgate Poolside

Tailgating doesn't have to be relegated to parking lots!  Invite your favorite football fans over to enjoy the pre-and-post-game party and halftime show with a savory sampling of food and beverages served poolside.  For pool-owners with a big screen at the water's edge, tailgating doesn't have to stop when the team takes the field.  Fire up the spa, kick back, and watch your team pummel its opponent from the comfort of the spa jets and warm water.

School Days Celebration

School is back in session, and you're kid-free!  Why not take a break from work and everyday chores to join other parents for a luncheon or coffee around the pool?  After all, it's not often that you are around the pool and no one is yelling "CANNONBALL!"

Celebrate Halloween and Harvest

As it cools off, throw on a hoodie over the bathing suit and take your spooky fun outside.  Halloween parties are a great time to show off your pool!  Add some dry ice, festive lights, spooky decorations- your party will sparkle around your pool!


It's always summer at Natural Stone Pools. Let us put summer in your backyard year around!