What About Water Restrictions and My Swimming Pool?

APSP These days, it seems like your city is imposing water restrictions every month.  With North Texas experiencing the worst drought in over half a century, our water levels are dangerously low.  Do you ever wonder how the swimming pool industry is responding to water conservation concerns?

Promoting the Sustainable Use of Recreational Water

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, or APSP, has responded to the water concerns by launching The World of Recreational Water Foundation to make sure that the responsible recreational use of water is promoted and defended. The Foundation aims to have a voice in how water-use solutions are discussed for swimming pools and spas.

Research and adherence to standards show that APSP members are using water responsibly.  Their first order of business is to set standards for water conservation, and to discuss ways to maintain water volume, leaks, and evaporation.  All members are trained in these areas to then help educate their clients and their communities. The foundation is invested in educating the public that household water use is much more than recreational pool or spa water use. The focus is not only on water conservation but also on using energy-efficient equipment and products.  As we will discuss in our next blog, advances in technology, such as multi-speed pumps, have helped pool builders and pool owners reduce their water use and waste.

The WRW hopes that an outreach effort geared at educating the public about their research, standards, and commitment to energy-efficient products will make people feel good about purchasing their swimming pool and/or spa. There is a way to enjoy the recreational use of water and to help to conserve it responsibly at the same time; the WRW will continue to promote this.

To learn more about the WRW efforts or to donate to the cause, please visit their website at: https://apsp.org/.