Soil Conditions are the Most Important Factor to Consider When Building a Pool

soil conditions So many factors can affect the duration of your pool, and knowing what they are can help ensure that your pool lasts for as long as you own your home.  The number one thing that affects your pool is the condition of the soil.  Soil conditions can vary so much in North Texas; it's important to know what we're dealing with before you spend thousands of dollars to dig and pour a pool, only to find out later that you needed a little extra support.  At Natural Stone Pools, we consider everything when building our swimming pools! We make sure that we design and build your backyard oasis to last so your friends and family can enjoy the space for many years to come!

Soil Conditions

The most important thing to know before you ever build a swimming pool is to understand the conditions of your soil. Many lots in North Texas are perfectly fine to build on, such as shale, sandy, and rock soils (of course rock is the best), but black clay and expansive caliche soils are a homeowners worst nightmare. If your pool shifts or cracks, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. If you sue the pool builder, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees, and you may still have to repair the pool!

Here in North Texas, the soil shifts considerably. If you don't know how much your soil shifts from season to season (expanding and contracting), then a soil report is necessary for engineering your pool. If you don't have a soil report, most engineers can look up this information and still give you a good, general idea. Our engineer also inspects the soil after the pool form is finished to confirm all the information about your lot is accurate. The swimming pool construction may require additional piers, chemical soil injection, or something as simple as a gravel bottom with drainage.

Cracks, cracks, cracks

What happens to swimming pools that are not properly supported due to a lack of soil knowledge beforehand? Cracks- lots of cracks. There is no remedy for cracks except for injecting the soil, supporting properly with added steel, and re-plastering. This is a lot of money! It is better to have a swimming pool built the right way the first time!


Natural Stone Pools guarantees that all of our swimming pools are built with engineered plans that we present to each customer.

Just another example of the Natural Stone Pools difference!