Seasonal Savings on Pool Toys

Frenchie in Pool
Frenchie in Pool

One of the great things about the weather changing is that you can usually find terrific seasonal savings on items that you need for summer.  We've discussed before how toys and other pool items go on-sale right about the time that you no longer want to go swimming, especially if your pool is not heated.  You can reap the benefits of these seasonal savings if you know when to shop.

Pool Fun For The Whole Family

So what kind of items are we talking about? Well, this week we are discussing someone who's often left out when it comes to purchasing safety gear and other pool-centric items- your family dog.  Dogs present a whole slew of concerns when it comes to keeping them happy and safe around your pool.  First starters, does your dog even know how to swim?  A lot of times, we assume that our furry companions can take care of themselves in all things backyard, but this is not always the case.  Some breeds take to water very naturally, like Labradors and Portuguese Water Dogs (just like our First Family's favorite furballs).  Other breeds, like Basset Hounds and bulldogs, do not take to the water quite so easily.  These dogs could really benefit from wearing a life-preserver around all bodies of water.  Life-preservers can be a pricey item, and one that you may not be too keen to drop some big money on if given the option, so buying during the off-season will definitely give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Another question to ask is, does your dog know where the steps are and how to find them in the event that they fall in the pool?  Some companies, like this one, produce mobile steps that you can attach to the side of the pool that allow your dog to have quick access to an exit point in the event that they cannot locate the steps.  Yet another thing to think about- you have that gorgeous deck around the pool, and you've had the talk with your kiddos about not running around the pool, but it's kind of hard to have that talk with your dog.  Head injuries are expensive accidents to have, regardless of species, so minimizing the occurrence of such injuries should definitely be a top priority.  Items like these rubber booties for your dog can give them extra grip on a slick surface, be it in the water or on the side of the pool.  Not only does it make you a better dog owner, but it also will lessen the grip your veterinarian has on your wallet.

Pool Toys for Pets

Finally, we can't forget about the toys!  One of the best parts about having a pool is that you now have a place for you and your kids to play that's cool and refreshing, and don't think for a second that your dog hasn't also thought of this.  Another great example of seasonal savings is the price slashing on floating toys and rafts for your dog to enjoy!  Kong makes terrific toys that float and have the quality and durability you can expect from Kong.  We also found a company that makes awesome rafts for dogs, so that even if you're pup isn't crazy about swimming, they can still enjoy the refreshing coolness of the water on a hot summer day.  The coolest part of this raft is that the "small" can accommodate dogs up to 65 pounds!  That pretty much covers most of your popular breeds, and then the large is only $20 more!  What a deal!

So as you can see, there is a lot of opportunity to stock up on summer fun supplies while we're biding our time through the winter months.  Take advantage of it now, and by summer, you'll have everything you need to make sure that your whole family gets the most out of their summer!