Remodeling My Pool- The Visual Benefits

Remodeling your pool is a big decision.  In our previous post, we talked about the logistical things to consider when deciding whether or not a remodel is the right choice for your backyard.  Now let's discuss the visual benefits.

Letting go

It's always a fun and exciting part of my job to walk into a backyard and see its potential.  As we often say at Natural Stone Pools, we see what will be, not what is right now.

Over the years, I've noticed that some people have trouble letting go of what they currently have, in order to build a better, brighter, and more enjoyable backyard experience.  For example, a swing set is a wonderful backyard feature for the kids when they are 5, 6, 7 years old.  However, by the time they are 12 or 13, that set is often not used and they no longer have any interest in it anymore.  Yet oddly enough, we have designed pools and landscaping around aging and unused swing sets and trampolines.  This creates an odd and awkward backyard, once the kids are grown and gone.  It's impossible to overstress the importance of seeing what can be over what is currently there.  A boring, drab pool and yard can easily be transformed into a backyard paradise.  Water features, such as stone waterfalls and in-spa fountains, as well as updated landscaping are two of the best ways to do this.  Adding a spa within an existing pool or an outdoor pavilion complete with a fireplace or grill-station are also great additions to jazz up your backyard oasis.

Seeing into the Future

Picture this: you're sitting underneath your outdoor pavilion with a fire burning brightly in the fireplace.  The spa is heating up and you are relishing in the tranquil sound of water flowing smoothly over the rocks of your new waterfall.  Your backyard is not just the rear side of your property anymore- it's a proper Texas sanctuary now!  And to think that just two months ago, you were sitting next to a concrete hole in the ground.

Give us a call today and let's get your transformation started!