QDI Stone

QDI Stone At Natural Stone Pools, we strive to be the best, and to be the best means you have to work with the best.  We try our best to hire the best professionals to provide our materials, equipment, and labor, and usually we are spot on.  We believe in a sense of community and we believe that honest, reliable work is the key to success.  If ever we encounter someone who feel is not up to scratch, we feel it is our duty to warn others of their business practices.

QDI Stone

We recently had the following experience working with QDI Stone based in Arizona, with offices in Houston, and representatives in Dallas. As a public service announcement, we recount our business relationship with QDI:

We began purchasing travertine from QDI Stone about a year and a half ago. It seemed like every purchase we made came with delays, excuses, and bumps in the road, but after fifteen years in the swimming pool business I understand that problems are sometimes unavoidable.

However, the last purchase we made resulted in something I never dreamed I would experience. After they lost a pallet of stone during shipping, the job we were working ground to a halt. After days of delays and making accusations that either myself or my employees had stolen the stone from the trucking company, I asked for them to show me proof of their claims, which they could not provide. After more days of delay, they reluctantly agreed to replace the stone. When the replacement stone finally arrived, it did not match the several hundred feet of stone already laid. At that point, my Dallas representative, Jennifer, transferred us to her boss who then told me that I must be doing something to doctor the photographs showing the difference of the stone. This back and forth resulted in a substantial delay with our customer. They finally sent a new representative; he immediately saw that the stone did not match. After more days of him talking to his management, I agreed to absorb the financial losses of no income, demolition to the stone and mortar, and labor. We agreed I would demo the stone and they would replace the amount of stone that I demoed. This resulted in the Arizona manager, Vince, screaming he never authorized the stone demo or refund. The final agreement was to sell me more stone at a discounted price. In an effort to cut my losses, I drove from McKinney, Texas all the way down to Houston to pick up the stone myself. I took along a few of the pieces that we demoed and showed the difference in stone to many people, experts in their field. They agreed that there was a difference. After contacting the CEO, Arif Surmen, he finally responded with a letter of apology six weeks after the original incident. He promised to refund us 500.00; this refund is a drop in the bucket compared to a month of lost profits, damaging customer relations, and general frustration. To add insult to injury, all these weeks later, we still have not seen one penny from QDI.

In conclusion, in the process of working with QDI Stone, we lost thousands of dollars.

The website, www.travertinepaversdallas.com, is also affiliated with QDI Stone.

Always Do Your Research

As we said above, we strive to hire the best professionals to help us build beautiful pools.  It's important, as a consumer, to do your homework before you hire anyone to do work around your home or for your business.  Websites like Angie's List and HomeAdvisor can help you find professionals and craftsmen in your area to service all your home improvement needs.