Pool Toys and Fun in the Sun

Found this beauty at Toys-R-Us. That looks like so much fun!

Found this beauty at Toys-R-Us. That looks like so much fun!

Now that June is here and most of the kiddos have just one week left in school, I bet there's one thing on their minds: spending all summer playing in the family pool!  Swimming pools have so many benefits, and chiefly among them is that they are just plain FUN!  Seriously, is there anything better as a kid than playing with your friends in the pool?  That is what summer is all about!

A Place for Magic

Beyond the traditional games like Marco Polo, a pool is another venue for make-believe.  It's a place where your child's imagination can come alive.  Your daughters are now mermaids and your sons are trolling sharks.  They spend all day diving for sunken treasure and battling the evil monster at the bottom of their sea (your skimmer).  They pretend that they are really flying, not swimming, and the toys at the bottom of the pool are really cities that they are flying over.  Floats are really ships, seemingly faulty ships that can be overturned by mischievous little guppies, resulting in obvious hilarity.   A pool to a kid is so much more than a pool.

More than Pool Toys

So, as adults, we're pretty lame.  We look at pool toys and we only see what they are, like a ball or diving sticks, etc.  Kids look at pool toys and see not only what they are, but what they could be!  A ball is friendly fish that will carry them "ashore".  Diving sticks, rings, and the like become sea mines that they must maneuver around cautiously.  Imagination is free, for sure, but it never hurts to help it along with some great pool toys.

Moving Beyond Pool Toys and Into Clichés

Not to sound like a typical adult, but kids these days just don't know how good they've got it!  In researching this post, I have seen some AMAZING pool toys!   When I was a kid, we had your typical diving sticks that looked like road flares and every now and then someone would have a super fancy float, the kind with cupholders!  I know, please, hold your amazement.  Now, diving toys alone are incredibly diverse and imaginative.  Check out these toys!  Your kids don't have to imagine diving for sunken treasure; they have the real deal!  Also, gone are the old days of your basic pool lounger/float.  Sure you can still get those, but why get an inflatable raft, when you can have an inflatable boathouse!  Or who doesn't remember riding around on an inflatable Shamu?  Why stop at whales?  Ride a T-Rex!  So many cool options are out there; it's time to release your inner kid!

(Pool) Toys Enhance Your Child's Fun AND Their Brains!

Just like regular indoor toys, pool toys stimulate your child's mind and allow them to expand their imagination.  We've talked a lot in the past about how great swimming is for your body- the exercise benefits, etc.- but now we are talking about exercising the part of your body that you use the most- your brain.  More specifically, your child's brain.  Play time in the pool is another great way to make sure that your child exercises creativity, learns to problem-solve, and develops social skills.  These articles that I've linked to layout for you the research behind why play is so important in a child's development.  I encourage you to read through them and exercise your own beautiful brain!

So hey, now that you know how important play and pool toys are for your kiddo, let's get to playing already!  Happy June, y'all!  Bring on the sunshine!