Pool Planning Starts Now!

  pool planning

Did the summer's sweltering weather get you thinking about installing a new aquatic oasis in your backyard?  Don't hesitate because now is pool planning season! Most companies' schedules are full by mid- to late-January.  Start your planning now and beat next year's heat with an affordable, energy-efficient environment for staying cool and connected with family and friends.  Natural Stone Pools recommends these five tips for starting the pool-planning process:

Ask Yourself- and Those Most Important to You- What You'd Enjoy Out of Having a Pool and/or Spa

Think of your pool as an extension of the most popular living areas of your home. Don't just think about the pool, but think about an environment that will meet your needs, suit your lifestyle, and bring you the most joy when you're slipping into the water.  Do you plan to use your pool mainly for entertaining purposes?  Would you prefer a pool designed with fitness in mind?  What about water sports?  Do you want to use your spa regularly and/or therapeutically, or is it just there for special occasions and cool weather?

Consider Affordability

Your individual costs will depend on such considerations as size, inclusion of a spa or other water features, screened or landscaped enclosures, whether the pool is heated (gas, electric, or solar) and deck or patio design. As you advance in planning, you'll also have to consider the quality of workmanship and design, underground strength (meaning, if your soil is going to need reinforcement in order to support your pool), ease of maintenance, warranty, and service.  Remember, the bigger the pool, the heavier it is, the more steel/plaster/gunite will be required, and the more money it will invariably cost.  Skimping on quality to save a few pennies up front will cost you big time in the long run, as fixing an existing pool is a lot harder and more expensive than simply building it right the first time.

Think About the Ideal Pool Style that will Meet Your Needs, Budget, and Setting

What is your style?  Does your backyard currently reflect your individual style and taste?  Your pool can and will match this style, if you plan ahead for it.  If you're into a classic, Greco-Roman style, you'll want to start with a design that mimics this design genre- columns, balanced arches, light and polished stonework.  If you like a more naturalistic approach, start with a lagoon-style pool with perhaps a boulder waterfall and native-plant landscaping.  What size and shape will fit your surroundings?  Do you have a modest yard with a Mediterranean-style home, or maybe a large rustic ranch house on some land?  Deciding what aspects of your current home you'd like carried over will help you decide what kind of pool you want.  From there, you'll start to think about what materials will work and how the purchase and installation fit with your budget.

Consider Equipment and Other Options

Once you've decided on a size and style, don't forget about the details that make a pool a pool and not just a hole filled with questionable water.  Your equipment is a fraction of the total cost, but it definitely does make a big impact on your pool-building decision-making process.  Will you want fresh water, salt water, or another medium? Should your pool be heated? What kind of equipment will keep the water sparkling and energy use low? A good pump is essential, so ask about energy-efficiency, capacity, quiet operation, warranty, and, of course, price.  These are all things to take into consideration when you're in pool planning mode.

Where Should Your Pool Go?

There's a size, shape, and type of pool for almost any environment. From landscaping to lavish decking, from outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to cascading waterfalls, there are countless, affordable ways to make your pool an inviting addition to your home.   Perhaps you have a modest yard in the suburbs- positioning your pool and decking to lead you straight from your backdoor to the water might be your best option, but adding a contrasting waterfall or water feature (like a decorative wall with scuppers or fountain vases, as pictured above) can add privacy and depth to your yard.  What about out in the country?  Sometimes putting a pool right next to the house on a property with a lot of land can look silly, depending on what kind of landscaping (if any) you have back there.  Perhaps your best option in this case is a gorgeous stone walking path through some complimenting landscaping leading you to a beautiful lagoon-style pool with natural boulder work around it, set back a-ways from the house.  Your style and what will work in your environment is a very important factor to consider when planning for your pool.

The Time to Start Pool Planning is Now!

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