Pool Maintenance for the Modern Age

pool maintenance Technology is constantly changing nowadays, and swimming pool technology is no different.  Salt systems, computer automated controls, multi-speed pumps, and energy-efficient products, as well as new materials and plumbing advances have all affected pool maintenance. Years back, pool maintenance was so much more of a chore! Now, and especially with a Natural Stone Pool, pool maintenance is hassle-free! What are some of the differences?

In Merry Wise's "Cruising Through Pool Care the Wise Way," published in 2003, she includes a Maintenance Checklist for her readers. (Please note: this checklist has changed dramatically since 2003)  Her checklist highlights the following weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, and twice-a-year maintenance tasks:


Fill chlorinator; add maintenance dose; empty pump basket; empty auto pool cleaner basket; vacuum pool; backwash; shock pool


Add maintenance dose of enzyme product

Once a Month

Get water professionally tested; add balancing chemicals


Add sand-cleaning product for sand

 Welcome to the Future of Pool Maintenance...

Everything listed above may be needed at some point, but is no longer a weekly or monthly necessity.

Chlorinators, maintenance doses, and sand cleaning products are no longer needed because swimming pools are mainly salt-based systems now. Pump baskets need less monitoring because of updated pool cleaners with individualized booster pumps. Backwashing your pool is a thing of the past if you are using cartridge filters. Shocking your pool is only needed if you neglect cleaning or testing your pool. If you are keeping up with testing your pool chemicals, professional testing is not needed!  All in all, the future of pool maintenance means more time for you to spend doing the things you love with the people you love, not slaving over your pool day in and day out.

Let us help!

Owning and maintaining a swimming pool is easier than ever! Let us talk with you about how to update and remodel your swimming pool to ensure so that you can enjoy this hassle-free maintenance!