Koi Ponds- Concrete vs. Rubber-Lining?

20140424_111210 Koi ponds are a great way to enhance your backyard environment. Before you hire someone to build your beautiful, new fish pond, make sure you learn about the difference between building a pond made from rubber lining or a pond built with concrete.

A Quality Koi Pond Will Withstand the Long Life of Your Fish

First, it's important to point out that Koi fish can live for over 90 years. That's a long time! For that reason, it's best to build a quality, long lasting koi pond to ensure the long life of your fish. In Texas, Natural Stone Pools recommends that someone build a koi pond out of concrete. Rubber lining can sometimes be cheaper, but in the long run, your pond will have lots of costly problems. One of the reasons why lining is not recommended for North Texas ponds is because of the shifting of the soil here. If you build a koi pond out of rubber lining, when the soil shifts, your pond will shift with it creating huge structural problems that can be very costly.

Secondly, rubber lining is not recommended because your pond could begin to have overflow or leakage. It can be very difficult to locate exactly where the leak is coming from, thus being difficult to correct the problem. Again, this alternative ends up being very costly in the long run.

Lastly, if you decide to use rubber lining for your koi pond, over time, the rocks around the pond will shift, and the overall original look of the pond will be drastically changed and altered. Everyone wants backyard features that are pleasing to look at! Anything other than concrete will not ensure the aesthetic look of your pond over time.

So, when thinking about building a koi pond in your back yard, make sure to pick a contractor who will use concrete as the base for your pond. Concrete is long lasting, less likely to cause leaks, and will ensure your original koi pond dream over time. Natural Stone Pools builds our koi ponds like swimming pools with a steel frame and gunite (concrete). Koi ponds are a beautiful and peaceful addition to your backyard- make it last, and use concrete!