How Often do I Clean my Pool Filters?

10151991_666150476753885_8291915022205380988_n The weather is slowly getting warmer, and that can only mean one thing to us: summer is almost here!  Time to make sure your pool is ready for summer, and a big step in getting your pool ready for summer is to clean your filters!  It's a simple task that can make sure your pool stays clean and your equipment works properly for upcoming swim season.

How often should I clean my pool filters?

How often do you need to clean the pool filters?    Well, you need to clean your pool filters every six months.  Think about it- your pool filter has been collecting and filtering junk out of your pool for six months.  Six months of leaves, dirt, bugs, bird feathers, pet hair, etc., and all that can really clog up your filter.  Take a look at the photo above.  That's a pretty big filter, so cleaning it out isn't something that needs to be done weekly, but definitely making sure that you clean this out twice a year will ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and lasts for as long as possible.


Can I clean my pool filters or does this require a pro?

Cleaning out your pool filters is a pretty easy task.  All you need is a basic tool set and you can do it yourself!  Of course, you may refer to your owners manual for a step by step guide to how to clean your specific pool's filters.  Here's a video by a lady named Shelley Johnson, showing you how to clean your filters yourself in a very commonly-used filtration system.  It's very accurate, and easy to follow.  You don't always need to use a cleaning product, but it does help things move along faster.


When in doubt, talk to the pros!

If you have problems, there are many pool maintenance companies to choose from to help do the job!  We work with a great serviceman named Shane Price.  He's just the best, and we can say without reservation that he will take care of you and your pool!  Give us a call for a referral.



Of course, making sure you clean your pool filters on schedule is no substitute for vigilance.  Here in North Texas, we know that weather can be unpredictable.  What started out as a warm, sunny day can turn into a snowstorm by midday.  A clear night can give way to torrential rain by dawn.  All that weather can kick up a lot of debris and deposit it right in your pool.  Mother Nature does not care one iota if you cleaned your pool filters yesterday; she will dump all the dirt she wants in your pool overnight, and leave you to clean it up in the morning.  Make sure that you are regularly checking the pressure gauge on your filters.  If you see elevated pressure on your filter readings then it is probably time to clean them! Just as Ms. Johnson says in her video, you want to check that the psi readings are within the desired range.  You can find this information in your owner's manual.



Follow this advice and make sure your pool is ready for summertime fun!!!