Happy Halloween from Natural Stone Pools!

Happy Halloween from Natural Stone Pools!

Looking to "spook" up your pool in time for tonight's festivities?  Sometimes, the cherry on top of an already-stellar Halloween party can be a spooky pool filled with "fog", "bloody gore", or some other ghoulish gear to get your guests in the Halloween spirit!  Check out some of these ideas we found around the Web!

The Floating Hands:

So this is a really cool idea!  Take some rubber gloves (medical-style probably works best), insert an active glow stick inside the glove, and inflate.  Toss the inflated gloves into your pool or koi pond and bingo!  You've got some frightening floating phalanges to freak out your friends!

Jack-O-Lanterns to Light Your Way:

I really like this one, because it's so easy to do!  Get some of those cheap, plastic jack-o-lantern buckets (you can find them at a Dollar Store or a Target for about $1 each), light your bucket using glow sticks or flameless LED tea lights, and float the buckets on your pool or in your koi pond.  Now you've got some extra mood-lighting, and you've finally found a use for those buckets that, quite frankly, were never going to be big enough for candy anyways!

The Noodle Witch:

Recently, we told you how to store last summer's pool toys so that they would survive until next season.  Well, if you don't want to save all the noodles, here's a cool idea for how to repurpose those toys in time for Halloween.  Take your noodles and cut them into usable sections.  Dress these sections in some festive stockings, stuff the feet with newspaper, and plant them wherever you want to create a "crashed" witch effect.  With your yard full of crashed witches, your guests will wonder where your ruby slippers are!

The Dry Ice Fog:

So obviously, adding anything to your pool that aren't humans, toys, or pool chemicals can be tricky, and you want to make sure it won't harm your pool.  According to this company out of Cypress, Texas, you can add 50 to 100 pounds of dry ice to your pool and it will create a fog effect for at least an hour or longer, depending on the amount used.   It creates a really cool look, and it istemporary.  Just make sure to correct the pH balance in your pool once the ice has completely dissipated, as the ice will make the pool more alkaline.  If you are unsure, but still want to try it, we would suggest contacting your pool service provider and double checking that it will not harm your pool.  Once you have the green light, drop the dry ice directly into your pool, or even better into your heated spa, and watch the magic happen!  Tossing in some active glow sticks can also create a spooky color effect underneath the fog, if your pool does not have color-changing lights.

The Bloodbath:

Okay so this one is also a bit tricky.  This company sells a non-staining pool dye that lasts up to 4 days.  It will filter out of your pool on its own and will not stain!  They recommend removing your filter cartridge completely, while you want to keep the dye effect, and when you're done, replace the filter elements and let your pool clean itself out.  For added spookiness, throw a dummy in the pool face down, or some rubber body parts, and make your guests think they walked onto the set of The Walking Dead!

Spooky & Safe Luminaries:

This one is not just for Halloween, as it can work for literally any outdoor party.  Take some cool, old jars and fill them up at least halfway with plain water.  Activate some glow sticks and drop them in.  Use them as luminaries to light a pathway to your party, or as ambience around the pool.

Glow Sticks.  Period. One of the cool things about this time of year is that stores like Target carry an abundance of things that are useful year-round, but are seldom sold outside the Bewitching Season, like giant bags of candy corn and colored hairspray.  Glow sticks are definitely one of these items, and they are a really great way to jazz up just about anything when you're having a party.  Drop some into your beer/soda bucket to add some light and color to the ice and help your guests find that one sneaky Dublin Dr. Pepper that's hiding out at the bottom of the bucket.  Toss a few in the spa or pool to add a little color to the water without the use of dyes.  Small sticks can be added to beverage cups to make it look like your guests are drinking a Witches' Brew.  Have a fish tank?  Put a few sticks in your tank and make it stand out to your friends (temporarily of course; I doubt your fish want to live in a dance club!).  Basically, water + glow sticks = awesome party decorations.

We hope this helps you add the finishing touches to a killer party!  And from all of us at Natural Stone Pools, have a safe, scary, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!