Creating the Perfect Hawaiian Luau in Your Backyard!

untitled A Hawaiian vacation can be expensive, but you don't need to fly all the way to Honolulu to get some of that island feel! Creating the perfect Hawaiian Luau is easy with a little planning.  Try out some of these ideas to throw a luau that will have your guests saying

Spread the word about your Hawaiian Luau

For starters, you need to give people the details on the Hawaiian get-a-way!  Hawaiian pool parties are best in the evening leading into the night. Don't forget to tell people to wear their Hawaiian shirts and shorts! If you have a swimming pool, also remind people to bring towels, sunscreen, and their suits!  Many traditional luaus are potluck dinners, so if you are going to ask your guests to bring a dish, make sure you put that on your invite/e-vite and give them plenty of notice.

Decorate Island-style

Decorate the backyard with tropical flowers, like Hibisucus and orchids, and tropical colors like bright reds, yellows, and oranges.  Grass skirts as table covers and coconut shells with candles for centerpieces are cheap, easy to assemble, and will give your party that wow factor!  Use tiki torches for nighttime ambiance and light strings in the trees for some extra light.  If you have a fire pit or a fireplace, consider lighting that as well, since there's nothing more Hawaiian than a bonfire on the "beach"!


What about the food and drinks? Everyone will love Hawaiian cuisine! Grill chicken or pork kabobs with your favorite veggies and serve with rice. If you have the time and patience, pig roasts are very popular and can feed a large group of people!  This site has some great recipes for authentic luau cooking.  Finish it off with colorful cocktails or punch served with umbrellas to create the perfect touch!

A Little Night Music...

Music?  Well if you're musically-inclined, pull out a ukulele and strum an island song.  For the rest of us, this site also has links to Hawaiian radio stations that you can stream online.  Hook your computer or phone up to your sound system and let the rhythm flow.


Don't forget the night of the party to receive each guest with a lei and a Hawaiian greeting! Let the sun go down and the tiki torches burn while your friends and family enjoy delicious Hawaiian ambiance, food, and drinks! The perfect Hawaiian Luau just in time for the end of summer!