Christmas by the Pool

Are you hoping to spend as much of Christmas by the pool as you can?  Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't hang out by your pool still; you simply have to make a few adjustments! We've been scouring the internet, and we've found some really cool pictures of how some pool owners incorporate their pools into their holiday décor!  Check them out below:


Christmas Lights around the Pool
Icicle lights

Pool Mood Lighting

One of my favorite looks is luminaries by the pool!  The soft glow of the faux-candle LEDs in the brown paper bags lends a gorgeous light to reflect off of the pool's surface, while also incorporating a personal touch with your own design on the bags!  You can also utilize old mason jars to create the same ambience.  Just fill an old glass jar 1/3 of the way with sand or some other non-flammable substrate and nestle a candle inside.   Tie this look in with a simple temporary or built-in fire-pit, and you've got what could essentially be called the most romantic backyard in the neighborhood!

Winter Wonderland Poolside
Starburst Luminaries

Colored Pool Lights

Another way to incorporate your pool into your holiday décor is to utilize or obtain color-changing lights for your pool or spa.  Spas are often much easier to change in terms of lights, because you need to drain much less of the water to reach the light in the spa as you would the pool.  Here's a stellar example of both pool and spa illuminated in vibrant, bright, holiday colors.

Color Spa

Colored Pool Lights

Finally, if you are going to cover your pool for winter, try creating a barrier around it, using lights, luminaries, fencing, whatever you think is appropriate.  Make it clear that this area is off limits.  The last thing you'd want is a yuletide tragedy if a guest inadvertently fell through a faulty pool cover!  Unfortunately, not every pool cover is as sturdy as this one.  Creating a decorative barrier around your pool defines the area so your guests know where not to step, while also keeping the holiday spirit going in full-force!

These are just a few ideas for sprucing up your backyard and incorporate your beautiful pool into the holiday fun.  From all of us at Natural Stone Pools, have a happy and safe holiday season!