Is That Fall I See?

Whoa.  What happened?  Suddenly, the kids are in school and it's a balmy 97 degrees out there.  Could it that...fall I see?!?  

Kick Off Fall with a Labor Day Weekend Blowout!

Next weekend is Labor Day, and what better way to say a bittersweet goodbye to summer and a reluctant hello to autumn than with one last killer pool party?!  Take advantage of the warm North Texas weather and spend the weekend with your friends and family soaking up the sun from your awesome NSP pool.  Not sure what to serve your guests?  Check out these tasty ideas from Bon Appétit for some inspiration.  Peaches, tomatoes, zukes and cukes...mmmmm, I will miss you, summer.  

Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts sure are right about that one.  Preparation really makes everything run a bit more smoothly, and closing down your pool for the season is no exception.  Even though summer in North Texas can last until October, End of Summer sales do not, so it's a great idea to stock up now!  Leslie's Pool Supply is currently having a fab EoS sale, and there's no better time to get all the maintenance chemicals you'll need going into fall and winter, as well as some fresh toys for next year.  Just make sure you store your new toys correctly, as well as your old toys, so that they aren't damaged or degraded in any way by the unpredictable North Texas winter.  

Don't Fret- Summer's Not Quite Gone Yet

As we all know, summer in DFW doesn't really end on Labor Day, like it does elsewhere.  Temps in the 90s last long into September, and you can still use your pool almost until Halloween.  In fact, this might be the best part of summer- with the kids at school all day, you have that sweet pool all to yourself!  Nude sunbathing, anyone?  It's cool, we don't judge.  Just remember your sunscreen! LOL

If all of this sounds fantastic, but you don't have a pool of your own, give us a call.  We service North Texas, including, but not limited to, Allen, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Lucas, Fairview, Prosper, Dallas, and more!  


Oh, and here's a recipe for homemade ice cream sandwiches.  You're welcome.  Happy (early) Labor Day!

It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot

No way around it- it's just plain hot.  It's been hot for weeks and there's no real relief in sight.  It's times like these when it seems like even your swimming pool isn't going to cool you off.  So how are you supposed to cope with this hot, muggy weather?  

Just Add Ice

Depending on the size of your pool, tossing in some bags of ice can drastically lower the temperature.  Just stop by the grocery store, Water n' Ice, or gas station on the way home and grab some ice.  Obviously you'll know how many you need, but a respectable start would be at least 10 bags.  Toss them in the pool and then dive in!  Of course, once the ice melts, you will want to double check your pH balance and make adjustments as needed.  

Make It a Party!

Nothing helps ease misery than being around your favorite people!  Grab some beers (and waters!), invite your friends over, and let the good times roll!  Grilling, chilling, and messing around in the pool are basically the definition of summer, and it's always more fun together.  After a few games of pool volleyball, you won't care about the heat... you'll just be looking to perfect your epic spike!  

Can You Feel It In the Air Tonight?

Sure, with the high humidity that is a cornerstone of July weather in North Texas, it may not feel like it, but nighttime temps are usually much cooler than day temps.  Try running your equipment at night to circulate the water and take advantage of the "cool" air.  It won't make your pool 60 degrees, but it will definitely help lower the temperature.  

Adjust Your Schedule

I mean, as much as your work schedule allows, try doing your outdoor activities at night.  No one hates a late-night swim, so get those laps in after The Late Show.  Any yard work and gardening that can be done after sundown, do it.  Finally gonna dig that moat around your property to fend off advancing armies?  WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO THAT IN THE SUN ANYWAY???


Countdown to Fall

Y'all.  It's already July 26th.  We've made it this far... we can do this.  Hang in there!  


Sunscreen, Use It!

As it continues to heat up here in North Texas, it's a good time to talk about sunscreen- when to wear it, why we wear it, and what happens when we don't wear it.  


Always.  Seriously.  Well, maybe not at night.  That would be overkill.  But seriously, you should always wear sunscreen if you're going to be outside during the day.  If you're outside time is mostly spent going from car to air-conditioned building, back to car, back to air-conditioned building, you can get away with a lower SPF but you should still wear sunscreen.  If you plan to be outside for extended periods of time, you should definitely wear it and you should have extra with you so that you can reapply it every two hours as the day goes on, as well as after swimming or where you sweat it off.  You think those clouds are gonna protect you?  They ain't.  In fact, those clouds are tricking you into thinking you're safe when, in reality, you're even more likely to get burned.  So the moral of the story is, you should always be wearing sunscreen when you exit your house.   


The sun gives us all life.  It lights up our planet, feeds our plants, and keeps us from all freezing to death in the icy cold of space.  But it's not as friendly as we'd like to believe.  We've all heard about UV rays, but do any of us really know what they are?  Ultra Violet rays, or UV rays, are a type of electromagnetic radiation, transmitted from the sun in waves.  Their energy is strong enough to break chemical bonds, making them harmful to living tissue, like for example, human skin.  Protecting our skin from UV rays is a top priority for our bodies, which is why we get tans.  Our body, in an effort to protect our skin, sends melanin to the skin cells to shield them from damage, resulting in that bronzed look that we all crave.  Too prolonged exposure to UV rays, and our skin can get overwhelmed, resulting in a burn, so you need to help it out a little bit.  Wearing sunscreen has been proven time and time again that it will help you avoid damaging sunburns, decreasing your risk of developing skin cancer.  

How does it work?  Basically, sunscreens use minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to physically block UV rays by reflecting the light back towards the sun.  They also use organic chemicals such as oxybenzone to absorb UV rays before they reach your skin.  Pretty cool, right?  

What If I Don't Buy It?

That's fine, but just know that, besides the fact that the sun can literally kill you (read: CANCER), it's also going to make you age faster.  Remember the neighbor from There's Something About Mary?  Yeah, that's totally what you're going to look like in your 40s and 50s if you keep rolling the skin care dice.  Think premature wrinkles, sun spots, moles, and that's if you're lucky.  People with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, often have to have surgery to remove the cancer, resulting in missing noses, lips, huge swaths of skin, you get the picture.  So don't let your stubborn desire for a tan now sentence your future self to painful and unnecessary suffering at the hands of a surgeon or radiologist.  


I think we've made our point.  Wear sunscreen.  All the time.  Period.