Memorial Day, Summer, and How to Throw a Killer Party in 3 Easy Steps

It’s Memorial Day Weekend (almost)!  Summer may officially start on the solstice, but in Texas, we all know that it really starts on Memorial Day.  After all, what could scream summer more than pool parties, barbecues, cold drinks and great friends?  We spend the weekend outside, by the pool, laughing and getting into the mood for the season.  So how are you going to kick off summer this year?

Step One- Clean That Pool!  

If you haven’t yet, seriously, go clean your pool!  You want to wow your guests with a sparkling and refreshing pool to jump into, so put in some time after work tonight and give your pool a good once over.  If you haven’t checked the pH balance yet this year, definitely do that asap, because you will want to give your pool a good 24 hours after adjusting the chemicals before opening it up to guests.  If you try to swim too soon, the chemicals will not have had time to cycle through and you could experience very severe eye, skin, and breathing problems.  

Step Two- Food!  

You can’t have a party without tasty treats, something to give your guests lasting energy for a day of fun in the sun.  Whether you want to just put out nibbles or have a full-blown barbecue, planning a menu full of filling and delicious food takes some time and forethought.  Check out this great article from Delish with some truly inspired BBQ ideas!  Two words- pickle dogs.  


Are you invited to someone else’s super cool pool party?   Check out this article from Food & Wine for easy-to-transport party dips that are the perfect way to say thank you to your host.

Step Three- FUN!!!

Owning a pool is the ultimate life hack for planning party fun.  Seriously, place a few lounge chairs on the deck and throw some inflatable toys in the water and you are all set!  However, if you want to get more creative, try out a few of the following ideas.

Diving for Treasure- this is a great one for kiddos, so if you’re planning on your guests bringing their minis, plan ahead and pick up some sinking toys from your favorite pool supply store.  Toss them in the pool before the kids arrive and let them loose to find as many as they can.  The one with the most treasure wins!  What do they win?  That’s up to you!  :) 

Volleyball- if you have a play pool (pools with a maximum center depth of 5 feet), try setting up a volleyball net.  There is nothing more fun than a friendly game of v-ball while splashing around in the cool water!  

Basketball- not a volleyball fan?  If you’ve got the time, try putting in a basketball hoop.  You can buy portable ones, or install something a bit more permanent.  You can also get a floating hoop at most sports retailers, designed for smaller, Nerf-like balls.  There is just something about some light-hearted competition taking place in the pool that makes it feel like summer!  

Pool Jousting- this is a fun update on the classic (and classically dangerous) game of chicken.  Get some floating toys, like an inflatable shark or the like, and then try to knock your opponent off their float using pool noodles.  You can pick up these toys pretty much anywhere, even Target

So there you have it.  Three easy steps to having a stellar pool party to kick off summer.  Don't forget your sunscreen and have a Happy Memorial Day!