Small Space, Big Ideas

Do you have a small backyard that you dream of jazzing up into a hidden oasis?  You aren't alone!  As you probably know, North Texas is full of big, beautiful houses with a veritable postage stamp for a backyard.  Spaces like this might seem like a lost cause when it comes to adding a pool, but that's where you're wrong!  You can do quite a bit with a smaller yard, if we put our heads together.  

Fountains, Gardens, Ponds

The thing about a small yard is that it looks so much bigger if you use a lot of smaller features, like fountains, planters, maybe a koi a pond!  Winding stone paths and lush flower beds can mask the size of your yard, and they are also much easier (and cost effective) to fill to the brim with gorgeous greenery and fabulous flowering flora.  Softly bubbling fountains and water sconces can add to the serenity of the scene, while a modest koi pond can give you a quiet place to sit and relax, watching the fish play in the cool, dark water.  

But I Really Want a Pool

We get it.  Pools are awesome!  That's why we build them!  And just because you've got limited space to work with doesn't mean you have to kiss that dream goodbye.  Rectangular lap pools are great for modest backyards as they take up very little room, and still leave some space for landscaping or a green patch for your pup.  

Want to try something a bit more unconventional?  Try an oversized spa!  Have all the fun of a private place to soak with the space-saving genius of a spa!  Add a small waterfall flowing into the spa and you've got yourself a romantic little getaway in your own backyard.  

What's really cool about both of these options is that since you're not blowing your budget on digging a full pool, you can spend that money on the details instead!  Go for the upgraded travertine decking, splurge on premium tile coping, heck put in a mosaic on the bottom!  Details are what makes a space stand out from the rest, and you can use this opportunity to really go all out.  

Above All, Make Sure It Screams YOU

When you're upgrading any space, big or small, you want to make sure that it showcases your personality.  After all, this is your home, right?  If you're not an avid gardener, install automatic sprinklers so that your planters can remain lush (and hire someone to pull those weeds!).  If you're a minimalist kind of decorator, skip the overgrown paths, and put in a zen garden and one or two water features.  If your car bumper sticker is the kind to say "I'd rather be in Hawaii", go for the natural stone waterfall on the spa and add some tropical plants around it so you can feel like you're on vacay everyday!  The point is, if you're going to spend your hard-earned money on upgrading your yard, you should make sure that it speaks to who you are and isn't going to burden your already busy schedule.  

I hope this has given you some ideas for how to spruce up your space.  Give us a call and let's brainstorm some more on how to give you the backyard you deserve!