I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want, Part III

So far, we discussed flashy pools and pools for working out in, but let's talk about the perfect blend of both- play pools!  

When Worlds Collide

Play pools are the most popular pool designs by far, and for good reason.  They're the ultimate crowd pleasers!  The versatility of the play pool combines flash with fun, and with plenty of room left for a bit of relaxation.  Create a space for the volleyball net, a basketball hoop, a slide; save a spot for a tanning deck, spa, waterfall.  Luxuriate in your spa while the kids splash around at the other end of the pool during a raucous game of horse.  Invite the neighbors over for a barbecue and friendly volleyball game.  Gather the girls for some sangria and sunbathing in the shallow, lapping waters of the tanning deck.  A play pool is a place to play, so play on!

You Work Hard, So Play Hard Too!

After a long week at work, there are few things more pleasurable and more relaxing than hanging out poolside with a cool drink in your hand and your family and friends laughing all around you.  The play pool is the perfect place for this- there's something for everyone, and you can make the most of your investment.  Start with a swooped, kidney-shaped design, utilizing what Jerry calls "sexy curves", and then customize it for how you want to play in it.  If you're hoping to shoot some hoops, make those sexy curves wide to leave room for your teammates (or opponents).  If volleyball is more your speed, make sure that the center of your pool is no deeper than 5 feet, that way everyone gets a chance to play without getting...in over their heads!  (*taps microphone* ...is this thing on?) If your goal is make your pool the land of floating toys, make sure there's plenty of room using those wide, sexy curves so as to avoid traffic jams and a cluttered look.  

The Most Bang for Your Buck

Look, we all know a pool is a big investment, and the play pool is not going to be a frugal choice in design.  The larger the pool, the more it costs to excavate, haul debris, rebar, gunite, tiling, etc.  But if you're looking to build a versatile pool that will add resale value to your home (and incentivize prospective buyers) and maximize enjoyment for your whole family, look no further than the play pool.  It has something for everyone, and honestly, you want to get the most for your money, am I right?  

If a play pool is something you're dreaming of and drooling over, give us a call today and let's start bouncing some ideas around about how to make your house the place to be in 2018!