I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want, Part I

Lots of people would hypothetically love to own a pool, but if you're serious about adding a pool to your life, the first thing you need to do is determine what your needs are regarding said pool.  Why do you want one?  What are you going to use it for?  How will you make the most of your money when you build?  

Keeping Up With the Joneses or Defining the Joneses?

First and foremost, do you want a pool because it looks cool?  Some people want a pool just to say that they have one and to add value to their property, but don't really intend to use it.  If that's where you're at, odds are you're looking for something flashy, but you aren't super concerned with functionality.  That's totally okay!  After all, this is America!  We do what we want with our property!  So where do we start with this build?  

Size Doesn't Really Matter

First off, if you aren't worried about functionality, go SMALL!  It's sounds rather counterintuitive in our culture of super-sized meals and giant SUVs, but building a smaller main pool leaves you room in your space (and budget) for other features that can draw the attention of viewers and guests alike.  Use that extra space for an elaborate waterfall or an extra large spa.  Take that money and put it towards some fabulous landscaping to surround your pool or to build an intricate Roman-esque wall featuring water sconces and maybe some sculptures.  The point is, unless you plan on having lots of pool parties or regularly swimming laps, a large main pool is just a big space sucker.  Use that space for something you will truly enjoy!

Water & Fire Features

When you think of a flashy pool, it's hard NOT to imagine fountains, water spouts, fire bowls, or an outdoor fireplace!  Picture it- there you sit, soaking in your extra large spa with your significant other, a roaring fire going in the stone fireplace a few steps away, watching the water flow peacefully from the boulder waterfall on the other side of the pool.  Maybe there's a romantic grotto for you lovebirds to hide under and steal a few kisses.  There are so many options when it comes to the extras you can add to your pool!  If you're stumped, peruse our gallery for some ideas, check out our Houzz page, or just hit up Google!  You'd be amazed at what some of the coolest pools around feature!  

Unorthodox Pools

Okay, but so far we've only talked about traditional pools.  You know, pool, spa, some kind of cool feature.  Standard pool stuff.  But what about something different, like a lazy river?  Lazy river-style pools can maximize the space in your backyard by creating green spaces between river bends for gardening, but still allow you the fun of soaking in the cool water and escaping that North Texas heat!  You can build some quaint bridges between planters, or have large boulder stepping stones to cross the river when you're not floating in it.  

Do have a bit of a grade in your yard?  How about an infinity pool?  Nothing screams luxury quite like relaxing in an infinity pool, overlooking your golf course, neighborhood or, better still, lake.  Don't believe me?  Google infinity pool.  It looks so cool, it will blow your mind!  Of course, this design really only works if you've got some incline, so if that's you, definitely consider it.  

The Devil's in the Details

Don't overlook the details when designing your backyard oasis.  Beautiful coping tiles, specialty plasters, mosaics, hand-cut stones for your decking; all of these can make a pool go from ho-hum to HOLY COW!  A quality builder (like us, for example) can get their hands on a whole array of premium additions to add some sparkle to your build, so just remember to ask during your consultation.

Make the Most of Your Build

Remember, this is YOUR pool.  It's not your neighbor's, your boss's, or your sister-in-law's.  It's yours.  If you've dreamed about having a eye-catching, envy-inducing water extravaganza in your backyard, DO IT!  Jerry and Shannon have been building dream pools for almost 20 years, and they are absolutely the experts in poolside luxury.  Give them a call and start spitballing some ideas.  Maybe they'll work, maybe they won't, maybe Jerry has an idea that you've never even considered!  You'll never know until you take that first step and reach out to us.  

Happy Designing!  :)