Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is officially here, there's no doubt about that.  As the heat and humidity continue to rise across North Texas, one thing is probably glaringly obvious- you want a pool of your own!  So how do you know and how do we get you there?  

Fact: Public Pools are Gross

If you follow our social media accounts, you already know that public pools are basically just giant petri dishes full of urine and feces.  If that's not enough to turn you off to sharing a pool with a bunch of strangers, let me paint you a little picture- screaming children running past you as you try to catch some rays on an old, worn plastic lounger.  Pudgy, leering men staring at you with bits of bratwurst hanging off their chins, slurping down that Bud Light can, while their exasperated wives scream at them to quit ogling you.  Teenagers awkwardly flirting and having chicken fights, disrupting any semblance of quiet.  Does any of that sound like a relaxing day at the pool?  Not really.  

Summer by the Pool, Your Pool

Spending the summer lounging next to your pool is the quintessential suburban fantasy.  It's been immortalized in films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Speaking as someone who grew up with a pool in her backyard, I can tell you that there is nothing better than having your own pool.  But wait, aren't pools expensive?  Well, sure they can be, but you can build a basic pool for about the same as that brand-new truck you've been eyeing, and trust me, it will hold its value a heck of a lot better.  You don't need a Hollywood-esque swimming pool with fountains and waterfalls and statues and a waitstaff...just a nice, clean swimmin' hole for you and yours.  

Summer Window Shopping

Since it can take anywhere from 3-5 months, weather permitting, to build a pool from start to finish, the odds of us finishing your pool for this season are pretty slim.  However, use this time wisely, get on the schedule, and in the meantime, decide what kind of pool you want!  There are all sorts of options for you- size, design style, features, depth...we could spend all day looking at different pools and picking out the ones we love.  Do you have friends with pools?  Wrangle an invite to their house and see if you like how theirs was done.  Definitely, check us out on social media to see the different design styles that we share regularly, and screenshot the ones you like.  

Spend the Summer Getting Your Ducks in a Row

You know what designs you like, you know how you're going to finance your pool, and you know that you definitely want one, so what's next?  Well, obviously you need to call us- 469.742.0366- but we are going to ask you for a few more things to get us going.  First and foremost, we need your official plot plan.  This is a blueprint of your property and it will tell us a) how much space we have to work with and b) what's hiding underground.  Getting an accurate plan is ESSENTIAL as it lets us know where your electrical and gas lines are, as well as where your easements are located, so that when we get to digging, we don't run into any problems.  You can get this information from your county offices or even your builder, if you don't have one on file.  Once we have that information, we can start building your space in our CAD system, so that you can view a beautiful 3D tour of your future backyard sanctuary.  Next, let Jerry or Shannon know what basic shape you want for your pool- do you want a curvy pool or one that's more rectangular?  Are there plants, trees, or garden beds in this same space that you can't live without?  We need to know these things so that you are happy with the finished product.  Finally, make some time for us to come by and take some pictures of the space, and a few of the outside of your home.  This will help us not only recreate your house in our system, but also to design a pool and deck space that compliments your existing home.  

Whether the Weather is Hot...

Weather is a huge factor for us when it comes to building your masterpiece, so getting on the summer schedule is definitely ideal for your project.  Summer in North Texas is fairly predictable- hot, sunny, with the occasional storm- and this makes for a great construction schedule.  Winter and Spring, when the weather can be too rainy, sleety, or cold to dig or run the construction equipment, can bring delays in the schedule that are, frankly, unavoidable.  Remember, we are slaves to Mother Nature, and if she says "No work today", we kind of have to abide by her rules, whether we like it or not.  All we ask is for patience during these times, because trust me, we are just as frustrated as you are!  


Okay, now you know what you need to know about pool building, so what are you waiting for?  Call us now or shoot us an inquiry, and let's get started!