Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Natural Stone Pools!  It's that time of year again, when all the "new year, new you" posts are circulating the web.  It's great to aim for a healthier lifestyle or a better outlook on life, but don't neglect the other "new you" that needs attention: your home!  

New Year, New Yard

At Natural Stone Pools, we understand that not everyone wants or needs a brand-new pool.  Perhaps you have a great pool already, but as time has gone on, your pool has started to look a bit shabby.  Maybe the tiles are cracking or the deck is a bit roughed up from too many seasons of summer fun.  Did you know that we also do remodels?  

What's Your New Year Resolution?

Pools aren't supposed to last forever, but routine maintenance and periodic touch-ups can keep your pool looking great for years to come.  Reapplying plaster, fixing broken or missing tiles, maybe adding a few more lights to make the deep end pop; these are all simple changes that can make your pool look brand new again.  It's not the pool, but what's around it, perhaps?  Just like a beautiful painting deserves an equally beautiful frame, your patio and landscaping can make all the aesthetic difference.  If your flowerbeds look shabby, it can leave your pool area looking bleak.  A masterpiece pool with a boring deck and patio won't entice visitors to hang out poolside.  Adding a few flowerbeds, raised planters, or a new outdoor kitchen can easily turn your plain, old backyard into The Place to Be, with minimal headache or inconvenience to you and your family.  

How Can We Help?

Remodeling your pool or your patio can be just the facelift your yard needs to reclaim its former glory.  Check out our gallery for some great ideas on how to tweak your space to turn into Fun Central and then give us a call! We are ready to remake your North Texas backyard retreat and with artists like Jerry and Shannon Borders at the creative helm, you can be sure your yard will be the best on the block!