12 Days a Pool?

Here's what our design says it should be, and we are SPOT ON!  12 Days to build a pool?  We must be joking, right?  Usually when you hear someone say that they can build a pool in 21 days, you scoff and think that this person is clearly a charlatan.  Or you think, wow that pool must be a piece of junk.  You might be amazed to know that given the right variables, you could easily build a pool from start to finish in 21 days or less.  In fact, we just finished up a pool here in North Texas, and no joke, it only took us 12 (working) days!

We started this pool on October 7th, worked our tails off, dealt with rain and a three day weekend, and we still managed to plaster today!  This project had good soil, a very communicative and cooperative client, an accurate plot plan and survey, and even though we were 2 hours out of town, we have some great subcontractors that help us out.  All in all, it has been a pleasure to work on this project, and we are so proud to have been able to do quality work quickly and efficiently!

Check out Jerry on-site reporting on the progress!