~ Bennett P. | Plano, TX
“Of all the investments we’ve made over the years, this has been the best by far.  Not a day goes by we don’t enjoy it.”

~ Pamela C. | Parker, TX
“My backyard is now my favorite vacation spot!”

~ Marion S. | Frisco, TX
“We are very happy with the pool and Al enjoys sitting out there and listening to the water falls.  He was opposed to our doing this at first, but glad we did now that he sees the finished product.”

~ Leona M. | Arcadia, OK
“Natural Stone Pools is a professional contractor who does unique and artistic designs.  They designed and constructed a beautiful natural stone retaining wall, fireplace and flower beds that not only enhanced the appearance of our home but also protected it from water erosion.”

~ Karen P. | Dallas, TX
“I love it, love it, love it!”

~ Debra O. | Lucas, TX
“My God, it’s like we’re on an island somewhere.  We enjoy it year-round.  Why didn’t we do it sooner?”

~ Karen T. | Dallas, TX
“At midnight, I sit on the bench that Jerry built and feed the fish.  I enjoy the peace of my own personal paradise.”

~ Mechelle M. | Dallas, TX
“Amazing Designs and Service!  We’ve used them for 3 of our personal pools and continue to be amazed!”

~ Ross G. | Dallas, TX
“We were very, very pleased.  I’d grade the performance as excellent.”

~The Wetzel Family | McKinney, TX
“Thank you all for a beautiful backyard, what a huge transformation!  I love it!”