Swimming Pool Features



Tropical foliage and lush greenery will add depth and color to your backyard and create a botanical paradise. Use hedges, fencing, and retaining walls for privacy and safety. With personally crafted landscaping, your backyard environment will seamlessly transition from house to pool, serving as an extension of your home. Enjoy the view around your pool as much as the time you spend in it!

Water Features

We specialize in water feature design at Natural Stone Pools. Change the look and mood of your pool with custom water features.


Rock Features and Waterfalls

Rock features and waterfalls complement lagoon-style or free form pools, adding visual interest and beauty to more standard shapes. Rock features and waterfalls are romantic, relaxing and beautiful. A rock cave is a romantic addition, particularly hidden by a light cascade of sheer water.  With custom rock features, you can have more than a pool,  you can have a mountainside or lagoon in your backyard.

Water Fountains

Water fountains bring elegance to a new level. Create intriguing fountain designs with rock and stone, all with sheer water smoothly gliding into the water. Strategic lighting can accent fountains, creating a dynamic visual wonderland. Fountains splashing along the perimeter add an elegant touch to any pool. Fountains can come with tile accents, sconces, sheer descents, or tan deck bubblers, just to name a few. Sheer descent fountains range from 12 inches to 48 inches and create quite the backdrop.

Spa Spillovers

Spa spillovers present an opportunity for a unique design. A spillover is an opening where the water spills out from the spa into the pool. Spa spillovers add fresh, chlorinated water to the pool during filtration. Spillovers can be a single spillover up to multiple levels cascading down into the pool. Spillovers are not only visually enhancing, but the feature creates a calming sound effect.



Add or modify pool lighting to extend your poolside entertaining well into the evening. Low profile lights or landscaping lights provide subtle illumination around the pool’s perimeter. Low profile lights accent paths and walkways, providing muted lighting for accent. Spotlights direct light to specific pool, landscape, or patio features. Floodlights are used for general lighting for common areas. You also can use motion floodlights for safety.



Decking with special concrete finishes or stone can make your pool an extension of your home’s architecture. Multi-level decks are also an option that create interesting elevations to feature tranquil sitting areas, kitchens with a dining area, ora simple sun deck with chaise lounges to relax.


Stamped, textured, or patterned concrete is economical and can come in a wide palette of colors. Flagstone, whether in it’s natural shape, saw-cut mosaic, or random rectangle, is a dramatic pool accent that provides long-lasting elegance.

Tiles & Mosaics

Tile is a preferred choice for many pool and spa surfaces. Nothing compares to the classic elegance of a fully tiled spa. Mosaic tile now comes in a wide array of colors and can be custom designed to create a unique inlay with style. Adding new water line tile will make the edges of your pool look crisp and clean again. Tile and mosaics not only improve your poolscape, they turn your pool into a work of art. Choose from classic tile or artistic mosaics- personalize your pool!



A spa is a wonderful option to add to any pool. Come home from work, slip into your bathing suit, then slip into a warm and relaxing spa. Spas can be independent or integrated into your overall poolscape. Spas can be enjoyed all year long, as well. Enjoy a warm cider during the fall months in the warm water of your spa. Add other features like lighting, bubblers, and spillovers to enhance your spa experience.


Accessories are a perfect finishing touch. A backyard pool provides the perfect setting for outdoor living. Set the scene with a wide range of accessories, from patio furniture and lounges to fire pits and poolside grills. Backyard poolscapes are versatile entertainments, serving as your peaceful retreat or your favorite party spot. Add an element of fun with pool toys and games or select accessories that are well-suited for hosting family gatherings.


Flickering firelight casts a warm glow and transforms the entire feel of your pool area. Whether you’re planning a gathering of great friends or a romantic evening for two, a fire pit or chimenea brings the feel of the great outdoors into your backyard. Gas and wood-burning fire places or fire pits add extra warmth, allowing you to enjoy a chilly evening poolside.

Think of preparing summer meals on a free-standing or permanently installed poolside grill. From a single grill to a full-scale outdoor kitchen, these days you’re limited only by your imagination. Enjoy the outside meal while watching the game poolside on an outdoor flat screen TV.

We service all areas of North Texas, including but not limited to McKinneyPlanoAllenFrisco, Lucas, Fairview, RichardsonAddisonDallas, Princeton, and Prosper.  Do you live in North Texas but think you’re outside our service area?  Call us!  We do make exceptions and we might just be able to make one for you!

And you're done! Feel free to reread our pool remodeling or our custom pool design page so you know our process.